Step 1

Children work their way through one Phonics Book at a time. Each Phonics Book covers six sounds. At the end of each of these books is a recap, first with a visual clue, then without. The children can earn a sticker at each stage (sold separately).


Step 2

After the children have read that Phonics Book, they can move on to the corresponding decodable Books, where they will be able to start to merge the sounds together to learn to read.


Step 3

The children can start to learn to write the letters they have learned, using the Workbooks.


Step 4

At the end of each workbook will be a set of activities based on speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and skills needed to learn to read and write.


Step 5

Also in the series are Quickbooks. Quickbooks contain phonics, decodable stories and workbook tasks in one book.





Clever Phonics is not like any other phonics programme I have come across. It is unique, innovative and is suitable for all children including children with additional needs. The activities, tips and advice in the books are priceless. The Clever Phonics books appealed to me right at the start from a perspective of a parent but more so as a Speech and Language Therapist. This approach in learning to read and write is multifaceted and will make learning for children of all abilities easier, fun and memorable. I could not recommend Clever Phonics enough.


― Lee-Ann Govender

Independent Speech and Language Therapist

Clever Phonics not only successfully links these books to the current curriculum but goes further to support children with special educational needs. The activities at the back of the workbooks not only reinforce phonetic skills learned but also develop the use of communication skills and an awareness of feelings and emotions. Developed in consultation with a variety of experts in the field such as; speech and language advisers, teachers and occupational therapists, the scheme provides a proficient and well thought out delivery of the phonetic system.


― Cheryl Rudd
Primary teacher with BA Honours

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