I have had the pleasure of trialling the Clever Phonics books and think it is amazing! Not only is it such a visual and versatile way to teach children to read, it has brilliant illustrations which are extremely capturing to the young child.


The books also include various activities which are brilliant to help a child in increasing their receptive and expressive language skills. These activities include the following:


  • Following written and verbal instruction
  • Sequencing activities
  • Emotional literacy to increase the child’s ability to identify emotions and to use strategies which may help
  • Matching activities to match an instruction to a picture which increases listening skills and auditory memory skills
  • Word searches thus increase word matching, attention skills and spelling
  • Create your own story activity which include the visuals for where the story takes place, who is in the story, what happened, time and how the characters felt
  • Comprehension question about the story which includes making inferences and looking for information in the text
  • Using Lego to learn blend sounds, rhyme, match letters and follow instructions. This comes with amazing visuals which makes it easy to understand
  • Understanding questions words such as who, what, why, when and how
  • Memory activities and games
  • Bingo and snap activities
  • Hand writing practice


The picture for each letter sound is so visual and gives the child a sense of how that sound should look and how it is formed. Clever Phonics is not like any other phonics programme I have come across. It is unique, innovative  and is suitable for all children including children with additional needs. The activities, tips and advice in the books are priceless. The Clever Phonics books appealed to me right at the start from a perspective of a parent but more so as a Speech and Language Therapist. This approach in learning to read and write is multifaceted and will make learning for children of all abilities easier, fun and memorable. I could not recommend Clever Phonics enough.


Lee-Ann Govender
Independent Speech and Language Therapist 



The Clever Phonics scheme is a comprehensive and easy to follow set of books. Each book progresses systematically and reinforces skills learned along the way. The images are fun, bright and refreshingly modern. The actions and images accompanying each phonetic sound are memorable to children due to their simple, logical design and their link to current, modern concepts and imagery.


The reading books entitled ‘practising the letters’ are excellent for encouragement of using the sounds learned. The font is clear and large enough to be accessible to all. There is enough text to allow for cohesion but not too much that would be off-putting for beginner readers. The clear and stimulating imagery encourages the introduction of the use of visual cues to help decode unfamiliar words.


The author has taken care to successfully link these books to the current curriculum but goes further to support children with special educational needs. The activities at the back of the workbooks not only reinforce phonetic skills learned but also develop the use of communication skills and an awareness of feelings and emotions. Developed in consultation with a variety of experts in the field such as; speech and language advisers, teachers and occupational therapists, the scheme provides a proficient and well thought out delivery of the phonetic system.


As a highly experienced primary school teacher I am glad to see a scheme that feels up to date and is highly inclusive of all children. I look forward to seeing the release of further accompanying materials!


Cheryl Rudd, Primary teacher with BA Honours



The children have been responding well to the books and activities and I like how there is a reading book linked to the specific sounds we have just been focussing on – it helps them make that link between phonics and reading.


Lydia Offen, Parkside school



This concept worked well for a child with specific language acquisition difficulties. These books are designed to help children achieve a sense of success. This is a scheme for children who struggle to hear and pronounce pure sounds. These books have been developed to use more obvious  sounds – rather than the pure sounds used to teach phonics to young children. 


These books are suitable for children in a specialist provision for whom mainstream phonics has been hard to engage with.


The child who used these books passed his phonics screening test at the appropriate age. He is now an accomplished reader.


The pictures are bright and engaging . The font is clear. The shapes of letters are represented pictorially which would appeal to visual learners. The repetition in these books will help struggling readers.


Crossing the midline and ideas to strengthen fine motor skills are included in the writing books which is a good idea.

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